The Health of Our Foods, and How it Relates to You

Many people have busy lives and unfortunately sometimes choose foods that are not healthy in order to get them through their busy days. These choices, coupled  with stress can cause a myriad of health problems. 

Inflammation is a key contributor to poor health is caused by many foods including fast foods, which are the main choices of busy people . 

Food trucks make tasty food;  however, almost none of them are healthy. In fact they are so high in fat  and sodium content that people become lethargic from eating them.  

That contributes to increasing obesity and illnesses such as 

heart disease and organ failure. 

High blood pressure and diabetes are 

2 major killers linked to these foods.

It is very easy to make all of these unhealthy choices go away by purchasing our prepackaged jerky and smoked salmon (see the smoked salmon page).  You have a fantastic snack / lunch that is high in protein, high in Omega-3's, is not fried or high in calories and actually helps REDUCE inflammation, and control triglycerides. 

Our foods are virtually fat-free

 and the minimal fat in them occurs naturally .

Read this article on the Health of smoked salmon:..LINK

Keep in mind that although we use a small amount of Kosher salt in our brine it is a lot lower sodium content than store bought smoked salmon.