Dragons Lair Smoked Salmon

In addition to our fantastic Beef Jerky, we offer ( to local residents in Texas ) freshly made smoked salmon.

 This cannot be shipped (at this time) 

due to the need for refrigeration. 

Smoked salmon is delicious 

and very high in Omega-3's, 

which has been determined to 

help in maintaining lower levels of triglycerides. 

Omega-3's also benefit those who suffer 

from Arthritis,   Asthma,  ADHD 

( attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ) 

and even Alzheimer's. 

Smoked Salmon is high in protein 

and is the perfect snack after workouts.

 Especially good with multi-grain crackers

 and cream cheese!!!

 Texas residents in Montgomery County need to contact us by email, or can order / pay through our store and delivery can be arranged. 

All orders MUST be prepaid.

ALL of our Smoked Salmon is made to order and has a minimum 2-day notice.  We ONLY use fresh Wild Caught Alaskan Sockeye and Coho Salmon.

See the pic below.