About Our Goal

Our goal is to produce the highest quality and healthy jerky you have ever tasted.

Every batch of Dragons Lair jerky begins with the finest cuts of eye-of-round grass-fed Texas Beef. The pieces are cut into 1/4-inch thick pieces and placed in a container; the secret marinade is then added. The mixture is sealed and refrigerated for 36 to 48 hours. 

After marinating, the pieces are laid out onto racks to air dry before beginning the slow smoking and cooking process.

During the process the pieces are coated with pure Texas raw and organic Honey, and then fresh Tellicherry Black Pepper is ground over each piece.

After smoking the pieces are allowed to "cure".

After curing is complete, the jerky is vacuum sealed in different-sized bags.  Vacuum sealing and added honey ensure preservation, as no artificial ingredients (such as sodium nitrate) are added to the jerky to preserve it. 

Our jerky is not "tough" but is tender and moist, nutritious and a delectable snack.  It is nutritious and portable to throw in a lunch bag or backpack on camping or road trips.

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